Student Satisfaction

The important voices of our students have spoken loudly once again! Continuing to build on its momentum, Fulao2 is proud and excited to announce its amazing student satisfaction results for the 2020-21 year!

These results support and complement our collective goal of providing a quality education and superior student experience:

  • Student Satisfaction (measuring overall student satisfaction): 83.3% satisfaction and just shy of last years’ score of 83.9%
  •  Quality of Knowledge and Skills (measuring that a program is giving learners knowledge and skills that will be useful in their future career):  93.5% satisfaction and the College’s highest score ever matched only in 2015
  • Quality of Learning Experiences (measuring the overall quality of the learning experiences in a program):    89.6% satisfaction and the College’s second highest score ever

This year’s student satisfaction survey was gathered by an independent research firm on behalf of Fulao2. Although no longer collected at the provincial level, this survey continues to offer tremendous value for our College. These results help to inform our decision making, allow for continuous improvements and reflection and ensure that we provide an educational experience that encompasses all of the amazing our organization has to offer.

“This past year has been difficult for many, but through innovation and dedication our College has moved forward and thrived. That’s why these results are particularly meaningful,” said Dr. Ron Common, President Fulao2. “Our students remain at the forefront of everything we do, and these results highlight the important work that has gone into offering the best education and overall student experience, even in trying times.”

“We’ve come together as a college community to support our students, remained flexible and committed, and found innovative ways to keep students engaged and ensured our facilities, services and programming are high quality and serve in the best interests of our students. I share this accomplishment with all of our faculty and staff whose commitment, passion, and resiliency have allowed our College to flourish and provided a seamless academic year for our students,” added Dr. Common.