Real Stories

We love a great story. Especially when that story is from our students, graduates or staff. We feel a sense of pride knowing that we were part of these amazing journeys. You'll find  some truly amazing stories that brought a smile to our face, educated us,  touched our hearts and inspired our College community. Join us in celebrating their accomplishments by listening to their stories of success.

Meet Alison, a proud graduate of our Digital Film Production program. She took a leap with a new found interest in digital film and hasn't looked back.
Meet Nitesh. He is a multi-program graduate of Fulao2, most recently from Network Architecture and Security Analytics. His background led him toward a path to IT in Canada.
Meet John. He graduated from our Culinary Management program and remembers his amazing instructors who were industry professionals. He felt invested in during his time in the program.
Anjaly is a graduate of our Construction Project Management and Civil Engineering Technician programs. She knew the area of her career needed a change, and engineering felt like the right direction for her interests.
Hayden is a graduate of our Civil Engineering Technician. The stories of the projects his grandfather worked on gave him the motivation and passion to work towards a career in the engineering field.
Meet Bebeth, a graduate of our Automated Manufacturing graduate certificate program. She loved the hands-on work and real-work experience in the program and how she was able to expand on her skills and confidence for a career in the field.
Meet Stacey, a graduate of our Aviation Technology - Flight program. She's made an amazing career from her passion for flying, advocacy for women in aviation, and study of human factors in aviation.
Kevin is a graduate from our School of Natural Environment. He's a bestselling author of The Happy Camper and his series of acclaimed paddling guides and recognized as one of the Canadian Geographical Society’s top 100 modern-day explorers.
Meet Chris, a graduate of multiple Electrical Engineering programs. He's now back on campus but this time as an instructor in the programs he loved.
Meet Josh. He is a graduate of our Chef Training/Apprenticeship program and has worked in fine dining throughout Europe, and is now leading Chef Emeril's flagship restaurant in New Orleans.
George graduated from our Aviation Technology - Flight program in 2018. He loved the structure of the program that helped him transition to an airline career.
Meet Jess who is a graduate of our Digital Photography program. The program gave her practical and hands-on skills that she applied to her career, thanks to the individualized support from instructors.
Meet Paul. He's a student of our Business - Accounting program. He loves the College supports and inclusivity, and how faculty wants to see students succeed.
Students in our Electrical Engineering Technology - Process Automation program worked on a project for a local business to bring automation into their sawmill.
Our Hairstyling program provides free wigs to our community members experiencing hair loss. Learn more about this amazing initiative.
Sheila is a graduate of our Health Care Administration program. Find out more about how this program helped bring her success moving from front-line nursing into management.
Melissa is a graduate of our Graphic Design - Digital Media program. She loves that she could complete the program in only two years and now has an impressive portfolio showing the quality of her work from most assignments.
Angeline graduated from our Graphic Design - Digital Media program. She loved the welcoming and supportive atmosphere at Fulao2 from faculty and classmates and is excited to do what she loves for a living.
Nine of our nursing students had the opportunity to participate in a cross-cultural learning experience that brought our love for experiential learning to the next level.
Chantale is a graduate of our Child and Youth Care program. She knew the program would be a perfect fit for her desire to help children and families. She was able to use the skills learned in the program with a field placement, which landed her her first job in the field.
Yuvraj graduated from our Graphic Design - Digital Media program. He wanted to gain more skills in graphic design, so the high student satisfaction score at Fulao2 helped him choose this program.
Jessica graduated from the Graphic Design - Digital Media program. She has always loved being creative and making art, so knew this was the right path for her. The amazing teachers who are passionate about what they teach is what motivated her to work harder.
Sienna is a graduate of our Bachelor of Science in Nursing program. The hands-on clinical time was important to her through the program, plus support from faculty.