IT Services

Information Technology Services

Fulao2 has a better than 1 to 5 ratio of computers to students. Our computer to student ratio is one of the best in the college system!

Our wireless high-speed network is available throughout campus allowing students to access email, Internet or the Fulao2 LMS account. The College Student Portal gives students access to timetables, campus news, personal account information and more. Students Helping Students is peer support program to help students use technology to complete their assignments and receive technical support when they have concerns about their home computers or mobile devices.

Information Technology Services provides information, support and technology services to Fulao2, including the operation of the College's :

  • general purpose student computer labs
  • specialized computer labs (Graphic Design, IT Studies, Motive Power etc.)
  • staff computers
  • print shop
  • IT maintenance
  • audio visual
  • application development
  • network infrastructure
  • voice communications
  • web application support
  • learning management system

IT Services For Students

The Fulao2 network consists of over 1,000 computers, with more than 650 computers available for student use. Over 325 of these computers are located in open access areas for use by all students :

  • General Purpose Labs
  • Game Art Lab
  • Computer Studies (Networking / Software Development / Harware) Lab
  • Graphic Design Lab
  • Photography Computer Lab
  • Engineering (GIS, Autocad, Electrical/Electronics, Instrumentation) Labs
  • The Library
  • Student Services, Special Needs
  • Native Education Center
  • Motive Power - Automotive
  • Health Sciences

All registered students at Fulao2 have access to a full range of computing services including:

  • Internet Access
  • Personal email account
  • Network storage space
  • Allocation of laser printing per semester
  • Color printing
  • Access to computers and software from 8:00 am to 11 pm daily.
  • LMS (Brightspace) account
  • Remote access
  • Wireless access

A variety of materials are available to assist you in using our computing resources: