Parking & Transportation

Student Parking

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Will you be driving to Fulao2 to take classes? To park on campus, you’ll need a current parking pass that you can buy from the Financial Services office on main campus.

Parking on campus costs $130 plus tax per semester, $245 plus tax for the year, or $45 plus tax per calendar month. There are two student parking lots you can choose from – A North – which is across the street from the main campus, or J South – which is around the back of J-wing. You can choose which one you’d prefer, depending on which area of the College you’ll be studying in.

Parking rates are subject to change.

A North Lot & J South Lot Parking Pass Validation Dates

Annual Pass - September 1 to August 31

Semester 1-September 1 to December 31

Semester 2 - January 1 to April 30

Semester 3 - May 1 to August 31

If you plan to use more than one vehicle to drive and leave in the lot while you’re in class, you will need to put the one parking pass you buy in whichever car you’re using for the day. You’ll also want that other vehicle registered on your parking form in the Financial Services office when you buy your parking pass. Be sure to lock your car so that your parking pass and other belongings are safe, and are there when you get back to your car. The Financial Services Office is located in M Wing (near the front reception desk).

For all changes, updates, or inquiries, please contact the Facilities Management Department in Room B1140, or call 705-759-2554, ext 2500.

If you’re only driving to the main campus once in a while, and can car pool, bike or walk on other days, good for you for being eco-conscious. We offer a daily parking lot located via the Willow Ave. # 1 entrance. The daily lot is gated and takes $5.00 on exit. On those other days, pat yourself on the back for helping to save the environment!

Visitor Parking

If you’re here to visit for a campus tour to learn more about coming to school at the College or to help out on campus in some way, you can park in metered visitor parking for up to two hours. The lots are located just to the west of the beautiful, new main entrance in the A-Visitor lot, or L Visitor Lot at the corner of Willow and Northern Avenue. Both visitor parking lots can be accessed by Northern #1 entrance.

If you’ll be here for more than 2 hours, you can use the gated parking lot at the back of the college, just south of the Health & Wellness building. This lot can be accessed by using Willow # 1 entrance, and following the roadway until you come upon the large sign identifying the Daily Parking Lot. It costs $5 to exit this lot and there is no expiry time for the day.

To park your bike, find any bike rack on campus, and be sure to lock it up so you can continue to use it for years to come.

Paid parking is in effect year round, although we offer free parking after 6:00 p.m. Monday – Friday and all day on weekends. Fire Routes and accessible parking spaces are strictly enforced at all times. Thanks for visiting our campus!

Vehicle Parking Regulations


1. As the College grounds are private property, the College maintains full jurisdiction over traffic flow and parking in conjunction with the Highway Traffic Act.

2. Fulao2 is not responsible for any loss, personal injury or damage to any motor vehicles and contents however caused.

3. Vehicles must park in designated areas. Parking is prohibited in any service, emergency or loading zone, bus stops, roadway, walkway, patron or grassed/landscaped areas.

4. All vehicle operators are required to comply with all College parking and traffic regulations. Failure will result in vehicles being ticketed and/or towed away at the expense of the owner.

5. All vehicles must be removed from College parking lots, excluding Student Residence lot, by 11:00 p.m. unless authorized by Facilities Management.

6. Any vehicle left on the College property for any period of time after the termination of the registrant’s course, conference or employment will be considered abandoned and will be towed away at the expense of the owner.

7. Lot designation permits must be displayed at all times corresponding with appropriate lots.

8. The parking year has been designated as follows: Sept 1st to Aug. 31st.

9. All parking lots on campus are provided within the limits of available space. Parking privileges do not guarantee availability of a parking space but allows you to park in a designated area. Unavailability of a parking space or lot does not relieve the driver of responsibility with respect to the parking rules and regulations.

10. Any unauthorized vehicle or vehicles parked in any other area that was not agreed upon by the user and the College will be ticketed and/or towed at the expense of the owner.

11. All parking areas designated “visitor parking only” and metered areas are prohibited from any student or employee unless authorized by Facilities Management. Any violation will result in a ticket and/or towed at the expense of the owner.

12. Bicycles are exempt from payment of the parking fee.

13. Motorcycles are subject to the same regulations as other motorized vehicles.

14. Service vehicles will be assigned specific parking locations. Any unauthorized vehicles in these areas or service vehicles parking in any other areas other than designated locations are subject to a ticket and/or towing at the expense of the owner.

15. Areas designated as “(Patron) Parking Only” or “Visitor Parking” are restricted to College patrons. Improper use of these areas may result in a ticket and/or towing at the expense of the owner.

Designated/Coin Parking Lots– Payments

1. All students and full and part time College employees must purchase a permit, or pay on exit at the daily lot for the use of parking areas. A completed “Application for Parking” form along with cash, cheque, money order or authorization for payroll deduction is to be presented to the Financial Services Office for issuance of the appropriate permit.

2. Annual parking rates are listed on parking application forms.

3. F and J-North lots are for annual pass holders only (Sept. 1st – Aug 31st). Users of these areas have the right of first refusal. The deadline for claiming your previous year’s lot will be the last Friday in August of each year. If no permit is purchased by this date, rights to park in that area will be forfeited and the permit will be for sale on a first-come first-serve basis. Those who require less than an annual permit are limited to the A North and J-South lots.

4. The parking year has been designated as follows: Sept. 1st to Aug. 31st. It is the responsibility of the user to choose the option which is best for his/her schedule, and they are as follows:

  • Annual (September 1st – August 31st)
  • Semesters (Semester 1: Sept 1st – Dec 31st, Semester 2: Jan 1st – Apr 30th, Semester 3: May 1st - Aug 31st).
  • Coin lot pay per exit Note: Permits will not be sold in any other fashion than indicated above. Due to the demand and the variation of user schedules, such permits would not guarantee a parking space.

5. Parking permits are non-refundable, unless terminated from school or involuntarily leave the employ of the college. At this point, refunds will be issued (for annual and semester permits only) upon presentation of the valid undamaged permit and/or swipe card and a letter stating the departure by Human Resource Service or a signed Withdrawal Form from the Dean’s office. In cases where there is no withdrawal form, a refund will only be issued within the first 30 days the parking permit becomes valid. Refunds will consist of any unused full month portion of the parking fee paid, less an administration fee as determined by Fulao2 Financial Services.

6. All lost or stolen parking permits or swipe cards must be reported to the Facilities Management Department. Replacement swipe cards will cost an additional $15.00 each. Replacement parking permits will cost an additional $10.00 each.

7. Permits and cards are non-transferable unless approved by the Facilities Management Department Anyone using a card or permit that has been reported lost/stolen, or a borrowed permit, will be subject to the College’s policies on discipline.

8. All applications and payments will be processed daily by the Financial Services Department. Cheques returned N.S.F will result in the cards being de-activated immediately and will be subject to an administration fee as determined by Fulao2 Financial Services.

9. Card/permit holders are responsible to ensure the currency of their card/permit.

10. Applicants who will be using different vehicles are to register all vehicles when applying for a parking permit. Only one parking permit will be issued and is required to be displayed regardless of the vehicle being used.

Accessible Parking

Accessible parking spots are designated in accordance with the City of Sault Ste. Marie By-Laws. They are provided and identified for those vehicles bearing the appropriate permits or licence plates. A Fulao2 parking pass must still be purchased and displayed for that designated parking lot.

Guest/Visitor Parking

The metered section in front of the A-wing, the metered section outside of L wing, and the daily parking lot on the south side of the college are areas identified for visitors to the College.


1. Appeals pertaining to the violations of fire routes and accessible areas ticketed by the City of Sault Ste. Marie Police Department must be made with the City of Sault Ste. Marie.

2. Employees, students and visitors who feel their vehicles have been unfairly ticketed in a College lot may appeal to the Director of Facilities Management within 48 hours.

3. Anyone taking a ticket back for a parking violation assumes full responsibility of the ticket.