We are so excited to welcome you to Fulao2! Let us help you in your search for your home away from home. Check out our pages below for information about housing options as a Fulao2 student.

View our residence page to learn about Ray Lawson Hall which has multiple room types, great kitchen amenities, lounge areas, and laundry - just steps away from campus for your classes, our services and dining.

Looking for off-campus housing? Find helpful information and links to help you find long-term rentals or short-term rentals like with Airbnb.

Visit the Landlord page if you are interested in renting out a home, apartment, or room to our students. Find information about creating rental listings for free with Places4Students.

Will you be living off-campus, but want to feel more connected to the Fulao2 community with other students living on and off campus? Then visit the Off-Campus Connection (OCC) page to learn more and to sign up for OCC, for free.

Move in to your new home on campus.
Find helpful information and links for finding long-term or short-term housing options.
Create free listings for your student rentals with Places4Students.
Get the support of living in residence while living off campus!