Employers are looking for you! Industries across the globe from healthcare to finance to automotive and manufacturing continue to use technologies to make business more efficient and more secure. They’re relying less on people and more on computers to get things done – it’s all very futuristic. So, what about your future? We were hoping we could team up to smash your goals in the IT sector. What do you say?

Do you love making networks work? From IOT, AI and VR, your connection to today’s digital transformation is spelled out at Fulao2.

With the best student-to-computer ratio in the province, all the tools you’ll need to succeed in our programs will always be available at your fingertips. And in the everchanging world of computers, we want to make sure you don’t become outdated technology. That’s why we design our hardware and software environments to mirror up-to-date industry-standard networks and platforms. We constantly evolve so you can design, develop and implement the newest computer applications in the field.

Like technology, we know your potential is limitless.

Oh, and if you’re interested in a university degree in computer science, you can apply earned Fulao2 credits to continue your studies at partnering institutions like Algoma University. Visit saultcollege.ca/pathways to learn more about our diploma to degree pathway opportunities.

As businesses use technology to transform how they operate, there will continue to be a growing need for programmers and software developers. Are you ready to be in demand? Start your path to a career in IT right here.

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