Are you still discovering what you love? In a world of many possibilities, we can help you find the path to career success. We can’t wait to see where it will take you.

Our General Arts and Science programs allow you to explore a wide range of interesting subjects while developing sought-after skills in communication, critical thinking and interpersonal relations. Study social science, humanities, communications, math and science as the best way to discover what career path to pursue. Plus, you’ll work with faculty to choose electives and create an individualized full or part-time schedule that best fits your life!

Once you get rolling in General Arts and Science, you can choose to take your passion and continue your studies with one of our many diploma programs where, with the right requirements, you could be enrolled in your program of choice. If the road to your career turns into a runway, we’ve got you covered. 10% of our spots in other programs are reserved for One-Year General Arts and Science Certificate holders. This is a great way to gain or strengthen academic skills necessary to enter into high-demand program areas.

Want to be university-bound? No problem. Just continue in the General Arts and Science – University Transfer Program. Gain a solid foundation for university study and discover the many pathways available to graduates wanting to continue in this direction. Our responsibility is to give you the best environment to explore your interests and help you prepare for the next steps in your education. And we take that responsibility very seriously.

Explore our General Arts and Science programs below.