What if? These two simple, but powerful words have inspired every piece of modern technology in our lives. You are the inquisitive mind who turns inspiration into creation and puts the ‘what ifs’ into action. You’ve chosen a career in engineering technology because you’re a problem solver. You will make things better, faster and easier. And it starts here.

There’s a shift happening in the manufacturing, medical and aerospace industries right now. Not to sound too science-fictiony, but robots are replacing jobs! Nearly half of the Canadian workforce could be affected by automation over the next 10 years. The result will be a growing industry in solution-driven product design, development and testing. The question is, are you ready to change the future of our industries? Um… YES!

Our Robotics and Automation program will have you thriving in a changing workforce. Use a state-of-the-art laboratory to simulate a manufacturing environment and put your ideas into action to solve real-world problems.

You can even get your Bachelor of Engineering in Mechatronics here at Fulao2 in partnership with Humber College. Get hands-on experience with industry-standard advanced technology and choose from focused study in either robotics or embedded systems. Solve real industry and community problems and gain knowledge and skills in mechanical, electrical, electronics and computer engineering.

Looking to solve automated manufacturing problems found in a typical industrial environment? Seeking to configure, control, monitor, and evaluate automated manufacturing components and systems? What about selecting and managing appropriate hardware and software for the creation of engineering designs? If this intrigues you then check out our Automated Manufacturing program. 

Stop and listen to the world around you. Engineering makes the world tick. The road you hear those cars on – they’re not possible without civil engineering. The computer you’re streaming your music on would be silent without the electrical system designed by electrical engineers. And hear the roar of your car engine? It would be a sputter without the parts and tools designed in mechanical engineering. Find the best fit for your career in engineering here.

Explore our Engineering Technology programs below.