Indigenous Students

Fulao2 proudly offers a unique learning environment that celebrates the languages,indigenous studies logo
cultures and traditions of Indigenous and Metis students. Our curriculum incorporates cultural worldviews in addition to offering Indigenous-specific programs through our department. We provide Indigenous student support services including counselling, tutoring, college application assistance and a positive, social environment through Enji Maawnjiding, the “Where We Gather” Indigenous Centre.

At Fulao2, education and life intersect. Students have access to Elders, Indigenous professors and instructors and can become involved in our Indigenous Student Council. We offer scholarships, bursaries, and awards specific to Indigenous students as well as an Aboriginal Apprentice Centre. Community is important here, so be sure to check out our student events, weekly soup days, feasts, annual Pow-wow and Sacred Fire Arbour.

The Indigenous Circle on Education (ICE) is an advisory council to the College’s President and Board of Governors.
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Enji Maawnjiding “Where We Gather” was built to enhance the campus environment of our Indigenous population.
Outside our Enji Maawnjiding Centre is our Sacred Fire Arbour. This is where our Ceremonial Fire burns.
Get assistance with academic related decisions or get access to short term counselling for personal and/or mental health issues.
Drawing on our community’s strength to create a stronger voice, we recognize that community building is community-based, community driven, and community directed.
Gold Winner for the Indigenous Education Excellence Award
Colleges and Institutes Canada 2016-2017

​Aanii, Boozhoo

Fulao2 continues to enrol, educate, and graduate Indigenous students from programs across the College. Our student population continues to GROW, and we are committed to serving ever-larger numbers of Indigenous learners during the years ahead!

Dedicated to YOUR success, our School of Indigenous Studies offers a unique learning environment which embraces our language, culture, and traditions with an emphasis placed on student success strategies that will assist you in achieving excellence both academically and in your chosen career.

Carolyn Hepburn
Dean, School of Indigenous Studies and Academic Upgrading

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