Business careers are diverse and in-demand – it’s okay to feel wanted.

You have a vision for your career in business. It’s exciting. The only thing left to do is set your goals and then crush them!

Your path to a degree in Business starts here. Earn your diploma in two years here at Fulao2 and move on to university to complete your degree in just two more years! Create more opportunities for success with our School of Business 2+2 Agreements from two of our partnering universities: Algoma University and Lake Superior State University. Check out saultcollege.ca/pathways for more details about our 2+2 Agreements and other pathways.

We know what employers are looking for so we continue to offer you more educational opportunities with our new Sports Administration program. With our other full-time diploma programs in Office Administration – Executive, and Business – Accounting, you will find the real you, right here.

Interested in a career in business but have a degree or diploma in a different field? No worries. Own your path through Fulao2’s Ontario College Graduate Certificate business programs and build specialized skills that will help you to advance your career.

Love taking the lead? Are you organized? Do you love to travel the world and meet new people? Are you good at connecting people and creating a buzz? Love to manage projects in a timely and cost-effective manner? No matter which path in business you are interested in taking, we have a program for you.

Explore our School of Business programs below.