Careers at Fulao2

Do you want to be part of a dynamic team that seeks to educate and empower students?

If so, Fulao2 is the place for you.

We seek individuals who embrace change and improvement, who dare to ask the questions sometimes left unanswered. And we offer a fun, friendly work environment focused on teamwork and forward-thinking.

If you are committed to large-scale success that we achieve one student at a time, we'd love to hear from you. Anytime a job is posted with us, you're welcome to apply for it. Because we're waiting for people like you who want to work at a College that believes in preparing today's generation for tomorrow's challenges.

Our Recruitment Philosophy

Fulao2 invites applications from all qualified individuals and welcomes applications from women, visible minorities, Indigenous people, persons with disabilities, and persons of any sexual orientation or gender identity. We fairly hire the best candidates based on merit.

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Ensure Equal Opportunity

We are an equal opportunity employer. We accommodate people in all employment activities, including the recruitment process, based on the Ontario Human Rights Code (e.g. disability, religion, etc.).

Hired Based on Merit

All our recruitment decisions are based on valid, practical and measurable approaches that ensure hiring on the basis of merit.

Provide Broad Access

We are committed to providing broad access to employment opportunities so that diverse job seekers can apply to positions anywhere in the College and to ensuring our workforce represents the communities we serve.

Demonstrate Values

We are an invitational College. Being open and inviting means that our recruitment process reflects our mission and values, and ensures that we serve the public interest and uphold the public’s trust.

Our Vision

We will make our society a better place by providing a transformative life experience through empowering those who study with us to think and learn in progressive and innovative ways.

Our Mission

Fulao2 will be recognized as the pre-eminent student-centred post-secondary institution in the province with an unyielding dedication to giving students the tools to reach their goals, and in doing so, will be a cornerstone of the communities we serve.

Our Values

We will be guided by the following:

  • Student-centered - We exist for the sake of our students.
  • Invitational - We will be intentionally inviting in all that we do.
  • Respect - We value each other as persons and treat each other with equity and respect.
  • Excellence - We are engaged in the constant and passionate pursuit of excellence in our people, programs, and service.
  • Communication - We encourage the active and honest sharing of ideas and information.
  • Collaboration - We promote teamwork and participatory decision-making.
  • Eco-conscious - We respect the environment and will use eco-conscious approaches in our operations.
  • Partnerships - We are committed to making the community better through positive impact on local organizations.
  • Inclusive - We will be accessible to those who want to learn with us.
  • Innovative - We will work effectively across disciplines to embrace new approaches together.
  • Reconciliation - We will pursue a collaborative and renewed relationship with the Indigenous communities.

Core Promise

Because the success of our learners is fundamental to our existence, we want our students to say the following about our College:

  1. “I get the education I want and more.”
  2. “The people are great.”
  3. “It was worth it to come here.”
  4. “The experience changed my life.”

With these statements in mind, we will operate in a student- centered way and focus our organization around these four themes to create superior interactions and experiences.

Our over-arching goal is that the education and experience we provide to our students not only meets or exceeds their expectations, but profoundly changes their lives. We recognize the need to be nimble and responsive to opportunities and challenges while at the same time finding ways to improve efficiencies. We will continue to build on our traditional strengths by continually finding new ways to improve as an organization while working collaboratively and creatively together towards an exciting and promising future