How Much Is Tuition?

Tuition varies depending on what program you’re interested in. In May of each year, tuition rates are determined provincially by the Ministry of Training, Colleges, and Universities, after which time we can pass the most current information along to you in your confirmation package. Typically tuition fees are due by the last week of June to prepare for your program’s staffing and course requirements.

For tuition, ancillary fee and book supply information for your specific program, please visit your program of interest and under “program overview” click on “Program Fact Sheet”.

If you are already a student at Fulao2, simply visit your portal and click on fees owing.

What Is The Application Deadline?

To be considered on an equal basis for programs beginning in the fall, your application must be received at ontariocolleges.ca no later than February 1.

After February 1, applications will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis, provided there are still vacancies in the program(s) of your choice.

For programs beginning in January, the equal consideration deadline is October 1.

What Is The Application Fee?

The application fee is a $110 non-refundable fee that allows you to apply to maximum of five programs in Ontario, with up to three program choices at any one college.

The $110 fee is paid to Ontariocolleges.ca by credit card, money order, certified cheque or on-line banking.

Equal Consideration Date

To be considered on an equal basis, your application needs be received at no later than February 1.

After February 1, applications will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis, provided that there is still room in your program(s) of choice.

If you want to see which programs are still open and accepting applications, click onto and use the ‘Find Program’ feature.

What Is An Offer Of Admission?

An offer of admission is a letter from the Registrar’s office letting you know that you’ve been accepted into Fulao2.

The earliest date that colleges in Ontario send out their offers of admission is February 1.

At Fulao2, all qualified applicants will receive offers of admission starting February 1.

For applicants in highly competitive programs, offers of admission may be sent out at a later date.

You may only accept one offer of admission.

What Is A Conditional Offer Of Admission?

If you are granted conditional acceptance, you will have to meet all outstanding admission requirements before your acceptance can be finalized.

This usually applies to students currently attending secondary school when applying, and the conditional admission decision is based on mid-term grades.

If you are a student with a conditional acceptance to a limited-enrolment program, you will need to keep your grades above the minimum required average in certain courses or programs to finalize the acceptance.

Note: Students with conditional offers still need to meet all confirmation or payment deadlines.

How Do I Confirm My Offer Of Admission?

You can confirm your offer of admission online at or by calling the ontariocolleges.ca Customer Contact Centre at 1.888.892.2228.

Please do not mail your offer of admission to ontariocolleges.ca.

When Is The Deadline To Confirm My Offer?

May 1st is the deadline to confirm your offer of admission with .

Please note that if you apply after May 1, you are given two weeks to confirm your offer of acceptance.

Where Can I Get Information About Housing?

Both on and off campus housing options are maintained by our Residence Office. Please feel free to visit us at here

Where Can I Get Details On Admission Requirements?

Generally, a high school diploma is needed for college admission, or mature student status. Each program has its own specific entrance requirements. Please check the “what you'll need” section of the program your interested in to find out entrance requirements. To discuss your individual situation, please contact the Registrar’s Office at 705.759.6700.

Do You Have On Campus Employment Services?

Yes, the Student Success and Job Centre is located in the A1280, and provides employment services to our students. Whether you're looking for a part-time job on or off campus during the school year, a co-op job, a summer job, or your first job after graduation, we're here to help. Current job postings are available on the student portal or on our office job board. Employer job fairs in the fall and winter allow you to explore all your employment opportunities. We also assist with resume writing.

Do You Offer Scholarships?

Fulao2 has over two million dollars in Scholarships, Awards and Bursaries that we can award annually to students who apply.

Fulao2 Entrance Awards:

If you are a first-year student, you can receive the Fulao2 Entrance Award of $500 – all you need to do is apply. Last year, over 400 students received this award!

The application for this entrance award is found on the student portal. Please visit Student Financial Assistance for more information.

Or, once you have confirmed your offer of admission with us, check for more details.

Fulao2 Award for Returning Students:

Returning Fulao2 students will have the opportunity to apply for the Fulao2 Award for Returning Students on the student portal beginning in February of each year. The value for this award is $500.

See more details at

How Do I Find A Course Outline?

Course outlines can be found .