Mature Students

At Fulao2, we respect those who have the courage to change their lives for the better. We value the life experience you bring into an institution of learning after being out there in the world. Here, you’ll be welcomed and respected as well as made to feel comfortable in our educational setting no matter your age. Fulao2 goes above and beyond to make sure your return to school goes as smoothly and successfully as possible. We know you can do it. Just give us a try.

A   mature student    is someone who is 19 years of age or older by the first day of College and has not graduated from high school. You can pay $25 to write the Canadian Academic Achievement Test (CAAT) for Math and/or English requirements only or you can take Academic Upgrading for free to get your high school equivalency for any of our college programs.

If you have graduated from high school but haven’t been to school in a while, you’re an   adult learner   and may qualify for  Better Jobs Ontario.

Apply to your program of choice at Fulao2 by following the instructions on    How to Apply. Remember to review any prior learning on   Prior Learning Assessment Recognition.