High School Students

Congratulations on making one of the biggest decisions in your life thus far! Planning and researching your educational pathway takes many hours and a lot of hard work when you’re only 16 and 17 years of age. We know there is a lot to know and understand before you can even apply to college and we want you to know that there are many important people you’ll want to talk to help you make this big decision.

Your parents, guardians, friends and family are an excellent start. Just sitting down and discussing what you might like to do is a great way to begin your research. Start thinking about what your hobbies are and what you really love to do because that usually is a great idea of what you’ll like to spend the rest of your life doing!

Your guidance counsellors at your high school are also an excellent source of information and we want you to know, so are we! Stop by, call us or send an email, we are here to answer any of your questions, no matter what the question is.

Still not sure what this “college” thing is really about? Come for a tour and we’ll show you exactly what you can expect and how it really works!

Admissions Requirements

Every program here at Fulao2 has “admission requirements” that are needed in order to get acceptance into that particular program. Please browse through our “programs and courses”, and check out “what you’ll need” to find the admission requirements for the program(s) you’re interested in.

How To Apply