College Or University Students

College Or University Students

Coming from College or University
Whether you’ve graduated from College or University and want to continue your education, or you started off at another college/university and want to come to Fulao2, we’re here to say it is possible. A growing number of students are returning to College after studying at the university-level. We encourage you to do just that.

Are you a University Grad?
The diploma-after-degree program is available in many areas of our College. This involves getting credit for many of the courses you’ve already taken at the university level while entering the College system for an additional year to gain solid practical experience. You’ll take a compressed version of our various College programs and get important work experience in your field of study.

More and more university graduates are returning to College after getting their degree because here, you are given the opportunity to master critical skills that reinforce the concepts and theory you’ve studied. During your field placements, you’ll also get to know desirable employers who’ll have a chance to see just what you can do in the workplace. These relationships can help you a secure good job in the place you’d most like to work.

Are you University Bound?
The least expensive way to get a university degree is to begin here first. We have agreements with top universities to accept our grads and give you advanced credit for the courses you complete with us at the College level. Then, we’ll provide you with support for smoothly transferring over to the University of your choice. Start studying here first, and you can save yourself some serious cash by paying college-level fees while on a university track. You’ll get an excellent foundation for future learning at a price you can afford. It’s the best kept secret around.

Admissions Requirements

Although you’ve already graduated from a College or University, we still need to ensure you have met the admission requirements in order to get into College. In order to do this, we will need to see your high school transcript (which can be ordered on line through Ontariocolleges.ca). If you’re applying to a post-graduate certificate then we will also require your College or University Transcript (which can also be ordered through Ontariocolleges.ca).

How To Apply

Advanced Standing

No matter which path you took to get to Fulao2, you might want to consider applying for transfer credit for some of the courses you’ve previously completed. Please follow the steps below in order to find out how many transfer credits you may receive towards your degree, diploma, advanced diploma or certificate. In order to receive transfer credit for the courses you’ve already completed here’s what you need to do:

1. Apply to Fulao2 for the program that you’re interested in at.

2. Contact the Registrar’s Office at Fulao2. Connect with the Admissions Officer for your program to complete the Application for Transfer Credit.

  • If the course(s) you are seeking transfer credit for are already in our approved Transfer Credit database, only an official transcript (received directly from your previous College or University) is required.
  • If the course(s) you are seeking transfer credit for are not in our approved Transfer Credit database, the Registrar’s Office will require an official transcript (received directly from your previous College or University) along with a copy of the course outline (syllabi). The Registrar’s Office will connect with the appropriate Program Coordinator at Fulao2 for a review of your course outline. This can take several weeks to complete, so give yourself enough time.

3. The Admissions Officer in the Registrar’s Office will contact you via email with the outcome of the Transfer Credit review, once complete.

Please note: Your final grade in the course you wish to use to transfer credit must be a 60% or “C” grade, or better in order for your Application for Transfer Credit to be approved.

Please note: If you are an OSAP recipient and you receive too many advanced standing credits, your status could drop to part-time and as a result, you may no longer qualify for full OSAP. Contact our Student Financial Assistance Office if you are unsure how this will impact your OSAP.

Those who have applied to our college take priority for transcript and course outline review over those that have not yet applied, but a conversation with the Coordinator first could provide you with some insight as to how many transfer credits may be available.